LSJ-3000-1H One Head Linear Scale

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Ideally suited for slice, roll or regular shape products: such as sugar, salt, seed, rice,sesame, glutamate, milk powder,coffee and season powder, etc.

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City : Oujda

Country : Morocco

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  • Principal Features:High precision digital loadcell
  • Color touch screen with multilanguage control panel
  • Sanitation with 304S/S construction
  • Adopt no-grade vibrating feeding system to make products flowing more fluently
  • Parameter can be freely adjusted according to production

With Honor Pack experience in design and manufacture, the linear weigher can be modified to suit different purpose applications.


Free Flow Powders: Detergent, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Milk powder, various sorts of powders, etc. Granules & Seeds: Coffee beans, Rice, Sesame Seeds, Small Granules etc. Dry & Processed Foods: Snack foods, Cereal & Health Foods, Confectionary, Biscuits & Bakery, pasta, Grated Cheese, Nuts, Dried fruits, Pet Food. Non Food: Fasteners, plumbing parts, plastic, etc.