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It is used to remove unwanted odor, gas and air in the fluid by means of vacuum. It is made of AISI 304L - 316L quality stainless steel sheet and profile. It is combined with TIG welding method in accordance with DIN and SMS norms. The system consists of deaeration tank, product pump operating under vacuum, vacuum pump, tube or plate condensation exchanger, PT 100, vacuum meter, regulation valves, electromagnetic flow meter and necessary level control sensors. Force and control panel is produced from Siemens materials, control system is manufactured as PLC.

Company : Gemak Food Industry Machines JSC

Phone : +90 (312) 394-7794

Mobile Phone :+90 (530) 667-0073

Adress : Alcı OSB Mahallesi 2032 Cad. No: 1/1 SİNCAN / ANKARA

City : Ankara

Country : Turkey

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Technicial Specifications :

Capacity: 500 lt / h - 35.000 l / h

Usage areas:

  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Juice
  • Honey