Fat Melting Tank

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It is used for melting block oils in food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Usage: Oil blocks are rubbed on the grids with hot water circulation to melt and store the oil. Structure: Body made of stainless steel profile and sheet metal for melting fat blocks, pneumatic opening and closing covers, heat-controlled removable grid, reservoir where melting oil is stored, heat control and heat insulation is provided, 2 groups of hot water are produced from steam and hot water. The preparation unit includes the electrical power, control and PCL software system and their inner piping. It has a hygienic design that allows CIP cleaning.

Company : Gemak Food Industry Machines JSC

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Mobile Phone :+90 (530) 667-0073

Adress : Alcı OSB Mahallesi 2032 Cad. No: 1/1 SİNCAN / ANKARA

City : Ankara

Country : Turkey

Email : gemak@gemak.com.tr

website : www.gemak.com.tr

Technicial Specifications :

Product Input: Oil blocks

Volume: 200 lt. - 6.000 lt.

Capacity: It is produced between 100 kg / h - 8.000 kg / h.


• Mixer

• Bottom and top level sensors

• Temperature transmitter

• 360 ° rotating CIP heads

• Integrated, vacuum breaker, pneumatically opened front and rear covers.

• 2 groups of hot water preparation units, mounted on the oil melting unit, with a tubular type heat exchanger, circulation pumps, expansion tube, air discharge, water supply, steam control control and piping.

• Water, steam and condensate equipment.

• In order to transfer the oil blocks, the roller conveyor unit with wheels is produced assembled on stainless steel profiles.

Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor: Stainless steel roller conveyor with wheels to facilitate oil block transfer