QUAD QF26/QF36 Quattro Packaging Machine

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QUAD Series are intermittent motion vertical form fill and seal machines for traditional and fragile products. This technology used to produces bags with a squire base and four sides sealed that characterized by being rigid, beautiful, without any creases, always in shape, perfect eye-catching, and it is the ideal bag for products that need to increase their value and require marketing tactics. The advantage of this series is, at any time if it is required, other style of bags could be done without removing the four side sealing unit.

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Adress : Atatürk Plastik OSB Mah. 6.Cad. No: 7 Menemen - İzmir TÜRKİYE

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Country : Turkey

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General Featurer

  • Intermitant motion SystemAll surfaces in contact with the product are AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Nitrogen gas flushing system (option)
  • Air conditioning on the control cabinet (option)
  • Static Eliminator (option)
  • Printer application (option)
  • Vacuum application on drive belts (option)
  • Automatic Film changeover (option)
  • The parameters and settings are made easily from the 10'' industrial PC
  • All functions of the machine are controlled by the Motion Controller
  • All main movements in the machine are carried out by independent Servo motors
  • Works with and without photocell
  • The sealings are provided by P.I.D Heat Control System
  • With film adding Unit, bobbin replacement is easy
  • With the Auto-Film Centering System, the film is always centred
  • Auto-Film Merkezleme Sistemi ile film sürekli eksende
  • With the Auto-Film unwinding System, the reel is continuously opened at the same tension.
  • When the film is finished, the machine is automatically stopped
  • Any error occurs, the machine is automatically stopped and the errors will be displayed on the screen
  • Packaging materials: Polypropylene, polyethylene, all laminated films, barrier film, water-soluble film
  • Types of bags: Quattro Bag, pillow bag, gusseted bag, flat bottom bag, edge scratch bag and string bags
  • Suitable for different types of filling systems: Volumetric & Auger filler, Multihead & Linear weighers and various liquid fillers
  • CE standard