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The products that come in order or scattered on a conveyor are divided into many equal channels by the guides placed on the belt at an angle. The products are then aligned under the guidance of one or two driven belts located at an angle. Channeled product rows pass to the main belt with many routing sections that carry products to packaging machines. The distribution-feeding system is generally used for products coming from the filling or coating line. This system primarily divides the product flow into channels according to the number of machines to be fed. This is achieved by increasing the speed of the belts equipped with plates on which fixed dividers are placed. The products are then transported onto the speed belt with vertically mounted motor driven belts. BENEFITS • Modular design, assembly according to special customer needs • Easy service and safety • Open and hygienic, chassis-type structure • Easy and fast band replacement • Sturdy structure General Features • Food-compatible poly-urethane band material • One type belt drums • Parts in contact with the whole product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. • Stainless steel pans at every band pass of the system. Options • Communication with the packaging machine Category: Packing Machines

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