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EXPLANATION It is used for all sauces applied in or on cakes. It can be placed in the pan, before or after the cooling bands. SPECIFICATIONS • There is a product conveyor band and automation is provided with air and 3 servo motors, • The depositor reservoir is made of chrome material with a water wall, • The surfaces in contact with the product, the main chassis, the depositor body are made of CrNi and plate 7075 series aluminum material. Aluminum parts are covered with eloxal, • It has a maximum capacity of 25 talc, • Single chamber capacity is max 15gr, • The cake injection machine works independently from the general automation of the plant, • The cakes coming from the product line are aligned with the input row correction before entering the cake injection machine. Aligned products are controlled with high-precision sensors to avoid gaps in the row. • These alignment formats at the injection machine entrance must be changed in order to work with different products.

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