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Multi format chocolate wrapping machine: single twist, double twist, side twist, bunch (foil wrap), envelope and neapolitan (fold wrap) Output: 370-400 pcs/min.(depending on the shape, dimensions of the product and wrapping material.) Suitable for all processed products (enrobed, moulded, extruded or deposited), Photocell system for paper and products, Servo motor driven wrapping material feeding, Electronical parts used on the machine are branded OMRON and Schneider, Pneumatic parts used on the machine are branded FESTO, Perfect handling of product and wrapping material, True-running radial cams with hardened process for smooth operation and long durability, Sequenced aligner and automatic feeding conveyors are suitable for the machine, Delaying system for inner wrapping material, Reject device for defective products, Complete lubrication system, Full machine control by HMI with color graphic touch screen, Color graphic touch screen for ease of use, All errors / warnings are visible on the touch screen, Machine has motion controller and it is supported by 10 individual motor (invertor) groups, Format or style change over time is 30 minutes, All format parts are manufactured exclusively for each product, including the "head turret". Therefore, the machine does not require any further adjustments after change over. CE certification, Cleaning and maintenance is easy for all operators, Easily accesible parts, Meets all hygienic requirements, Labelling and banderol applications (OPTIONAL), Automatic reel splicer (OPTIONAL), Heat sealing unit or (Robatech) glue application unit (OPTIONAL), Heat sealing system works mechanically and pneumatically, Protected double twist system (OPTIONAL).

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