Wafer Baking Oven G-AWO

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Number of Plates 32, 41, 51, 61, 71, 75, 83, 90 Baking Plate Dimensions 290×470 mm, 350×500 mm, 350×700 mm Product Information Wafer baking oven designed for production of wafer sheets The baking tongs are specially designed Plate’s surface pattern can be manufactured plane or figured wafer with desired size according to requirement of a customer Wafer baking oven production of flat and hollow wafer sheets Automatic sheet taking Solid main structure Inner cabin lighting Lower cleaning knives with chain system Wafer plate cleaning brushes Energy-saving over heat insulation All lids are easily opened Pneumatic back tension system Main drive with frequency-controlled reduction system Manual turning in case of power interruption All control parts are placed in main power panel Dough drip prevention system thanks to crawler pump Frequency-controlled dough adjustment Easy maintenance and lubrication

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