ODM 100 Vertical Packaging Machines

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ODM 100 Vertical Packaging Machine makes Stand up and Pillow bag types. The max. weight to pack is 1000 gr. The Max pack sizes are 200*300 mm It's manufacturing as either servo or pneumatic according to the demanded capacity. The free flow cyrstallized and granular products are filled and packed via Volumetric Dosing System, the powder products are filled and packed via Screw Dosing System. The big sized and fragile products are filled and packed via Electronic Combination Weighing System and Liquid and Semi- liquid products are filled and packed via Liquid Filling System.

Company : Tamtaş Makina

Phone : +90 212 554 22 66

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Adress : İkitelli Osb. Mah. Heskoop D Blok Sok. Heskoop Sitesi D Blok No: 30-31-32 34490 Başakşehir / İstanbul / Türkiye (Sinpaş İş Modern 2. etap 2. kat D Blok No: 30-31-32)


Country : Turkey

Email : tamtas@tamtas.net

website : www.tamtas.net

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