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This patent awarded V8 series encrusting and forming machine is researched and developed by King Eagle. It is not only made will full stainless steel structure, but also polished by food grade standard. Because of the modularized design, this multipurpose encrusting machine is so flexible and expandable that it can produce many kinds of foods such as Chinese-steamed bum, moon cake, pineapple cake, Mochi, sesame ball, filling meat ball, filling fish ball, crystal dumpling, and etc. With optional accessories such as double/particle filling, press plate, and tube rounder. The products you can make are beyond your imagination. Currently King Eagle offers two types of multipurpose encrusting machine: V805-S and V806 V805-S multipurpose encrusting machine is dedicated for producing low gluten and light weight (5 – 120 g) products. Because it is designed for light weight products, the maximum capacity it can product is up to 100 pieces per minute (6,000 pieces per hour) depends on the weight of the product As for V806 multipurpose encrusting machine, it used for high gluten or heavy weight (>120 g) products. We are proud to announce that we have successfully helped our customers to produce Chinese-steamed bun with weight larger than 120 g by V806 multipurpose encrusting machine.


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  • 8" TFT color user-friendly HMI touch screen: The touch screen of our multipurpose encrusting machine is easy to use and it is possible to change the language shown depends on your requirement
  • All parts including flow controller and compound nozzle are constructed by stainless steel with food grade polish: It is important to use stainless steel for the parts that will be contacted with food ingredients during the operation. Comparing to other material such as plastic or aluminum, stainless steel material gives you a piece of mind in terms of food safety
  • Patent awarded particle filling equipment
  • Limpid safety cover
  • Modularized design for easy expansion


V-805SProduct weight5 - 120gCapacity10 – 100 pcs/minElectric1,475kw

V-806Product weight20 - 300gCapacity10 – 60 pcs/minElectric2,475kw