Electronic Screw Packer

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Model: VTC-VSP-1 (For Valve Type Bag) Model VTC-VSP-1 is specially designed, unique, Screw-feeder type bag filling to pack any powered material in prestitched valve type laminated HDPE / paper bags. Model is equipped with Pneumatic Ejecting system for smooth ejection of bag. Modified low end uses model with Impeller feeder type machine is also available for powder filling in non-laminated bags. Both machines can have Pneumatic Bag holding system (attachment) for filling in open mouth bags. OPERATION OF THE MACHINE: -The Machine to be fitted below the Storage Hopper. Material flows into the damper controlled by Pneumatic Cylinder. -The machine will hold bag below which the box or drum has to be put. After completion of filling, the bag will automatically -drop in to below box or drum. -This machine is a two stage feeding type. -On initiating the system both the flap opens & material falls into the weighing hopper. As soon as the 90 % of the weight is -reached one flap closes & fine feed starts till the target weight is reached the 2nd flap closes, stopping further fall of material into weighing hopper. -The Butterfly Valve provided below the weighing hopper opens & the material falls into the bag through the open mouth bag holder. -A Slat Conveyor will be placed below the packing machine which will carry the filled bags.

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