Vertical form fill and seal machines

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R/RM-series This vertical sealing machinery is ideally suited for packaging bulk and free-flowing products of all kind. It continuously forms, fills and seals up to 250 bags per minute.

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More Informations about R/RM-series


  • The products reach the packaging area via individually selectable feeding, weighing and dosing systems
  • Via the reel carrier, the film is continuously fed from the flat reel to the forming tube
  • The forming shoulder forms the bags
  • The forming tube serves to fill the products into the bags
  • The filled bags are closed and cut-off


  • Complete electronic monitoring of all motion parameters
  • Easy operation, multilingual colour touch screen
  • Operational data collection and remote diagnosis available


  • Freely programmable cross sealing tools
  • Individually adjustable sealing and welding times
  • All usual films can be processed


  • High output due to combination of vertical and horizontal motion of the cross sealing tools
  • Long service life due to maintenance-free servo drives
  • Short cleaning times and quick change-over to other products
  • Various bag styles due to easily exchangeable size parts