Packing machine model CHIP

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The CHIP model is a packaging machine similar to the BASICA model to which a bucket elevator has been attached. The CHIP packaging machine has identical features to the BASICA model, but is designed to work with products that do not come out of the hopper when it is full, such as potato chips, certain types of pasta or some types of frozen products. big size. It has a lower hopper in which the product is released by the movement of the buckets, which raise it to another smaller top hopper equipped with a level detector that propitiates that a uniform layer of product is maintained to achieve a series of Uniform weights. Finally, a scale with double outlet gate is installed as standard, which discharges the product in two stages to prevent it from accumulating when released in the container. Although, as stated above, it is designed to work with products that are difficult to pack in the BASICA model, it can also work with all those used in this, providing the job comfort without having to raise the product to the top hopper hand.

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