Sliding Marble and Granite Cutting Machine

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Product Code: SM-002

Company : Seviler Marble and Granite Machinery

Phone : 0090 (224) 243 50 66

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Adress : Ataevler Altı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Demirciler Sitesi G Blok No:8 Nilüfer/BURSA

City : Bursa

Country : Turkey

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Sliding Marble and Granite Cutting Machine is a machine designed for companies experiencing field problems. Since the back and forth movement of the machine moves on the slide, we can approach the installation position of our machine to the wall zero. Width 1000 mm length 3400 mm cutting capacity is available. The main engine is 7,5-9 Kw and has double speed. Down - up and back and forth movement system is automatic. 350-450 mm can be installed in our machine.

Machine Specifications

Saw Diameter

350 - 450 mm.

Rail Length

5.300 mm.

Table Length

2,300 mm.

Table Width

1,450 mm.

Marble Cutting Length

3,400 mm.

Marble Cutting Width

1,000 mm.

Motor power

7.5-9 (1400/2800) KW.