Rotary Cutting Machine for Marble and Granite (Automatic)

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Product Code: SM-001

Company : Seviler Marble and Granite Machinery

Phone : 0090 (224) 243 50 66

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Adress : Ataevler Altı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Demirciler Sitesi G Blok No:8 Nilüfer/BURSA

City : Bursa

Country : Turkey

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Our Rotary Head Marble and Granite Cutting Machine is capable of 45 'angle cutting, side cutting and head cutting. Wagon (car) part of our machine works in closed oil pool system. Thanks to this system, the deformation that will occur on the rails has been eliminated and maximum life is provided. In addition, our wagon has a speed control system. Thus, cutting speed can be adjusted according to the hardness of the stone. Machining slide is used in saw forward, backward and upward motion systems of our machine. PLC control is used as automation system. The car can be operated in forward-backward and head-cutting mode with saw-backward speed control. 

Machine Specifications

Saw Diameter:

350 - 450 mm.

Rail Length

5.300 mm.

Table Length

2,300 mm.

Table Width

1,450 mm.

Marble Cutting Length

3,400 mm.

Marble Cutting Width

1,100 mm.

Motor power

7.5-9 (1400/2800) KW.