Hydraulic Dumper Full Automatic Rotary Head Marble and Granite Cutting Machine

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Product Code: SM-01

Company : Seviler Marble and Granite Machinery

Phone : 0090 (224) 243 50 66

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Adress : Ataevler Altı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Demirciler Sitesi G Blok No:8 Nilüfer/BURSA

City : Bursa

Country : Turkey

Email : info@sevilermakina.com

website : www.sevilermakina.com

It is the most professional form of side cutting. Linear slides and ready-made bearings are used in the motion systems of our machine. Our machine can work with the same features as standard bridge cuts. It can automatically cut width and length cuts to your desired dimensions and quantities. 45 degree angle on all four sides of the cut parts. Rotation of the head system to 0 -90 -180-270-360 degrees and 45 degree angle of tilt is provided by reducer systems and is automatic. 3000x1800 mm table is available in our machine. There is a hydraulic damper on the table for easy laying of the stones in the form of plates. Our machine has cut lengths of 1800x3400 mm. Saws can be installed between 350-600 mm in diameter. The power of the cutting engine of the machine is 9.1-12, It is 8 kw and has double speed. The control system of our machine is provided by PLC. The touch screen on the control panel makes it easy to use. We use NPU 300 for max. life is ensured. The movement systems of our machine have been turned off and protected from the problems that may occur from the external environment. Line laser is available in order to align the stones in our machine.

Machine Specifications

Saw Diameter:

350 - 600 mm.

Rail Length:

6000 mm.

Table Length:

3000 mm.

Table Width:

1800 mm.

Marble Cutting Length:

3400 mm.

Marble Cutting Width:

1800 mm.

Motor power :

9.1 - 12.8 KW (1400-2800 rpm)