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Company : Nesto Makina

Phone : 0224 714 88 84

Mobile Phone :

Adress : Akhisar Mh. Eğriyol Sk. No: 4 İnegöl / Bursa

City : Bursa

Country : Turkey

Email : info@nestomachine.com

website : www.nesto.com.tr

Product features

Nesto 2 Axis Cnc Wood Lathe Machine has the feature of automatic changing double knife (triangle and cup). This system saves users the trouble of changing the blade. In this way, transactions are performed much faster. The most important plus; using cup knife in rough processes, the triangle knife can be activated in pattern details and can complete the process much faster than the standard.

Technical specifications

  • Working Area: Max Diameter: 280 mm Max Length: 1000 mm
  • Control Unit: Panasonic
  • Display: Weintek 10 ”Touch Screen
  • Z axis movement: 1000mm
  • X axis movement: 170mm
  • Long Axis Speed ​​(Z): 96 m / min
  • Short Axis Speed ​​(X): 25 m / min
  • Turning Speed ​​(C): 6000rpm
  • Installed Power: 8 kw
  • Weight: 1500 kg
  • Machine Dimensions: Length: 2800mm * Width: 1280mm * Height: 1750mm
  • Auto Lubrication: 21 Point Timed Auto Lubrication
  • Crimping Part: Pneumatic Piston (7 Bar)
  • Part Length Adjustment: Easy Adjustment with Control (Keyless, Screwless)
  • Part Centering: Easy adjustable centering apparatus
  • Cutter Knife:Hardened Triangle Knife Made of Special Steel
  • Made of Special Steel Hardened Cup Knife
  • Drawing Program: Italian Cad-Cam Program