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Technical Feature: ZP35D The machine is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, it press various granular raw material into normal-circular tablet and abnormal tablet. Characteristics: the machine is a double press type, continuously automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablet. * The outside part of the machine is fully enclosed. The material of the cover and inside tablet face is stainless steel, which can keep gloss and prevent the cross pollution and meet the G.M.P requirement . * It has transparent windows so that the press condition can be observed clearly and the sideboard can be opened fully so that it is easy to clean and maintain the inside part. * The layout of all the controllers and the operative parts are reasonable. * It is used double frequency speed adjustment to adjust electrical part, so that it is easily operated, steadily moving, safety and accurate. * An overloaded protection unit is including in the system to avoid the damage of the apparatus. When the pressure is overloaded, the machine stops automatically. * It is used macaronis and touch keyboard and touch screen transmission system in enclosed in the oil tank at the bottle of the main body of the machine, and it is a independent part. it can not be cross polluted, and the transmission system is soaked in the oil tank so that it is easy to give off heat and it is near proof. * It is installed vacuum cleaner so that the apparatus can clean the dust. * The easily damaged part, for example, the top rail, material adder etc. and also applicable to zp33 old type production, it is good for standard general and series. * It can be common used to ZP29A, ZP33, ZP33B, ZP35, and ZP37 type.

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