XHP Series Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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XHP series high efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher: Is a world-level cone crusher developed from the up-to-minute technology of America. The cone crusher not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also widens the applying area, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ore crushing. It has a second-to-non crushing performance in the work of medium-size crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing. The crusher is the improved type of spring cone crusher and can be used to replace ordinary hydraulic cone crusher .

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher Features:

The Reason To Choose Hydraulic Cone Crusher:

1.Higher production capacity,better final product particle size;

2.Advanced crushing principle,high performance;

3.Higher capacity of fine product;

4.Replace crushing cavity if you need medium,fine,and super fine product;

5.Perfect grain composition and cubic particle product;

6.Can be installed on the steel structure or concrete foundation in the workshop or open area;

7.Low operating and maintenance cost;

8.Short downtime and long working hours;

9.Easy operation and easy to maintain;

10.Multiple protection,avoid accidents and damage caused by human incorrect operation.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher Working Principle:

When XHP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher works, the motor drives the outer copper rotate through V-belt, host pulley, drive shaft, a small bevel gear, a large bevel gear. The outer copper forces crushing cone shaft axis of the outer copper to make rotating swing, making crushing surface.

Sometimes near and sometimes leave the concave surface, so that the material is impacted, squeezed and bent in the ringlike crushing chamber consist of fixed cone and movable cone. After repeated squeezed, shocked, and bent, the material crushing to the required particle size is discharged from the lower part.

The particular crushing chamber adopting principle of intergranular lamination and matching rotor speed obviously improves the crushing ratio and productivity, largely increase the amount of cubic final product. Adopting hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, high degree of automation, the hydraulic system can be up top and discharge automatically when the crusher is blocked instantly or over-iron, which eliminates trouble of halting to clear the material manually. It makes the maintenance more easier, cost lower. The hydraulic adjustment and oil lubrication make the crusher more steady and reliable. It also adopts labyrinth sealing mode, which avoids oil mixing with water easily.