Special jet loom: JA91T Terry air jet loom

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JA91T Terry air jet loom JA93T Terry air jet loom is a new generation of air jet loom product meeting the market demand by Qingclao Tianyi Group RedFlag Textile Machinery. which developed on the basis of our self JA93 air jet loom. Through a large number of market research, communicated with customers, in-clepth analyzed, to meet the needs of customers by meticulous research and development. The design of JA93T terry loom shedding, weft insertion. let-off. beating-up. terry formation and take-up is improved according to the requirements of terry operation, making terry weaving more convenient and efficient. The product has the characteristics of high speed, high weaving ef'ficiency. high automation and stable.

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Servo Terry Formation mechanism

Terry formation mcchanism is the core part of terry loom. We adopt a new structure: using servo motor as terry formation motor, cooperating with speed reducer to ensure the high efficiency and stability of terry height. casier and more convenient for weaving special varieties terry.

Servo Terry Warp Tension System

The terry warp tension of JA93T type terry air-jet loom is controlled by torque motor, which controlling the forward and backward movenent of terry warping tension rod. The control systcm is not only simple but also plays an important role in the accuracy of terry height.

Terry Warp Consumption Precise Control Device

In the weaving proccss of terry loom, the consistency of terry height is an important standard for cvaluating terry loom. terry Warp Consumption Precisc Control Device designed and developed by our company. which obtaincd information fcd back to the systcm. The amount of terry warp used in weaving can be accurately calculated by adjusting the system to ensurc that the height of terry is consistent with each time.