3D Soft paper packaging machine

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Three-dimensional soft paper packaging machine TP-A100

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1. Technical parameters:

2 , main properties described 1. cam structure 20CrMnTi special alloy materials, high abrasion strength, significantly extend the life of 2 plant layout according to the manufacturer, and the automatic transmission further processing designed dosing unit and the machine seamless 3 Equipped with complete push bag, top bag, folding and other overload protection 4. Servo feeding, to ensure faster and more accurate material entry, greatly reducing the number of card packs 5. Servo film, servo feed to ensure the accuracy of the feed, packaging accuracy High, improve the yield 6. Large-screen human-machine interface, modular design, easy to operate. It can memorize a variety of specifications. 7. The front feeding is added to the finishing tapping unit, and the material feeding is more uniform. 8. Unique push rod design to better protect the material, reduce the occurrence of paper jam and damage of the push rod. 9. Feeding unit The bilateral structure is adopted to ensure that the belt does not run off. 10. The machine design selects different models according to the size of the package and the model of the folding machine.