Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Lines

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Masfen offers drip irrigation extrusion systems for round dripper with servo driven dripper insertion device. Line is equipped with stainless steel Vacuum sizing tank and cooling System for precise water pressure, high corrosion resistant and long useful life. The haul-off is provided for optimum pulling force and to prevent ovality in pipe.

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The drippers are fed by a centrifugal feeder onto a conveyor belt and are advanced via Inserting Belts. The insertion mechanism is driven by a digital servo motor. The drippers are pushed through a cooled inserting device which is placed inside the cross-head.

A lightweight, mechanically controlled and pneumatic backed up dancer assembly is provided to maintain tension of the pipe between haul off unit and winder. The winder is furnished with automatic length counter and spicing push button.

Masfen also provide a fully automatic coil wrapping machine for pipe coiling on request.


Dripping water systems with the latest technology used in irrigation technology in the world are produced in accordance with TS EN 9261 standards. Purified water and small through fertilizer or irrigation emitters and is a steady flow is supplied to the soil surface or roots dropwise. The amount of water wasted each year because of mistakes made during the period that needs every drop of rain that will burn the whole world, especially in irrigation systems to increase agricultural productivity is to find millions of cubic meters.

That's why millions of cubic meters of water plants in the waste going in the name of drip irrigation systems, more thirst being inserted into the stress is being watered more frequently with less water, greenhouse, vegetables, fruit trees and has become the ideal system for irrigation and decreased work done by releasing irrigation system. 16-20 mm diameter flat drip irrigation pipe produced in, and varying amounts of water may drip tube wall thickness can vary from 12 nm to 6 nm. The round drip irrigation pipes 16 and 20 mm in diameter in the 0.9 - 1.2 mm wall thickness are produced from. Drip irrigation pipe made for short distances emitters are circular.


- Provide increased efficiency at maximum level.

- Low pressure minimizes the minimum level of water consumption.

- To provide fertilizer savings.

- Protects the Foreign and weeds.

- Increased Efficiency varies according to region and climate.

- Yield and quality of irrigation is very high.

- Because of the irrigation; the ability to provide early harvest

- The irrigation shape; water loss does not happen.

Because of the irrigation; irrigation system efficiency is the highest.

- Provides an equal amount of irrigation facilities all over the land and sloping terrain does not make a watering will cause erosion.

- Wind is not an obstacle for irrigation.

- Compared to other irrigation methods is almost no watering and fertilizing labor.

- Sloped land in other irrigation methods, soil loss by water and without opening the way to more successfully and easily.


- Greenhouse

- Place sown or planted vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, salad, onion etc.), floriculture

- Fruit trees and vineyards

- Place the planted some crops (sunflower, corn, potatoes, cotton)