Fully Automatic Continous Motion Packaging Machine

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HPR CM5000 Continuous motion for high productivity and reliable seams. Maintenance-free servo-technology ensures reliable production. Motion technology for ACCURATE and STABLE operation at high speeds. Operator friendly: Operator friendly design reduces set-up and changeover times Continuous motion leads to high productivity All control of the machine is made of 10 inc size color touch screen. Wide-opening double front doors and one side door for easily accessible interior Frame construction with electrostatic powder paint Air shaft for connecting high-spped packaging and film winding shaft insertion system. Film axis by setting the standart automatic edge control system. Minimum film waste. Package styles: pillow, gusseted, block-botom, Stable film lension control with adjustable balance arm pressure. Engine offered as standart on the coll. Very low noise level. Stainles steel (chromium-nickel) neck - pipe group. With the touch sceen, move the coil is controlled. Dailly production control. The date alarm and error control. Attractive palete docking system integrated in PLC. Fast, easy one - part size change. Ease of use with a touch screen. Temperature control system providing a stable and uniform adhesion. Highly security safety windows. Open machine concept for easy acces and maintenance. Finished packaging material alert system. Vacuum system timing belt.

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