Fully Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

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HPR_SV5000 works with perfect match of mechanic and servo motor technology, SCHNEIDER Servo motors on horizontal jaw and timing belt system, All pneumatic cylinders and valves are FESTO. All sensors are SICK. Work FAST, SENSİTİVE and STABLE with servo motor technology, User friendly, nearly there is no maintenance need, All controls can adjust on 10" inch 65536 coloured touchscreen user panel, Long time protected electrostatic dust painted steel construction body, Roller group owning air shaft for rapidly connect packaging material, Lower noise level, Stainless Steel (Cr - Ni) collar-tube group, Packaging material roller group can control with user panel keyboard, Ability to work with or without photocell, Production quantitiy can control with production plan target on machine, Daily production report, Alarm and diagnostic check system with lookback option, Packaging material pulling and pack approaching system can control on touchscreen user panel, Collar-tube group changeable without hand tools, Ease of use with movable touchscreen user panel, Temperature controls collected on touch screen user panel, Highly secure safety windows, Have option to adjust horizontal jaw working range in mm size with touchscreen user panel, Adjustable pack length in mm range with touch screen user panel.

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