Rigid Strander

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Technical Data Rigid Stranding Lines are the classic and essential elements of the sector with it’s multipurpose usage characteristics in the production phase of high-cross-section non-insulated conductors. The lines in this category are used for armouring, screening and taping of large diameter cables, for stranding of overhead lines, in the stranding of high-cross-section round and sector-shaped conductors without insulation. Pratech has reached the safest level among alternatives with it’s strong and stable designs for the bend of this category of cables.

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Stranding Style

Rigid Strander Lines are high efficiency lines and are used for stranding high cross section Aluminium and Copper in sector shape or rounded. These lines are also used in armouring very efficiently.

PRODUCTSNON-INSULATEDClass 2 CuClass 2 AIClass 5 CuAEREAL CABLESOTHERRound Steel Wire ArmouringCopper Wire ScreeningControl Cable StrandingFlat Steel Wire Armouring

REELS4004505506308006 Cage40037535032025012 Cage30028026024018018 Cage25024020020014024 Cage21020018016010030 Cage170160150160100

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