Double Twist Strander – Category 3 (Strander 1600 - Strander 1250 - Strander 2000)

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Technical Data The machines in this category are the most efficient machines in class 2, copper and aluminum conductor twisting, up to 300 mm² and up to 61 wires from 7 wires. These unilay stranding equipments are extending their space with their extra advantages in sectoral area. With it’s product quality, production speed, low cost and practical usage advantages, it sees high preference in the sector. The Double Twist Stranding Lines are part of Pratech’s standart production program, and with high performance, they have in a short time become the address of prestigious brands.

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Stranding Style

They are used in stranding of medium and high crossection nonflexible unilay conductors. Depending on properties of additional equipments in line, they can make different strandings. Double twist stranders for this job are lines which can strand unilay copper and aluminum stranding cores.

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