OWET 2000

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OWET 2000 is the ideal overwrapping box packaging machine used in a wide variety of industries including food, chemical, tobacco, cosmetics, cleaning and other similar industries. This over wrapping box packaging machine makes the packages in the envelope-type form by wrapping the products from the top and sealing from the bottom. It packages the boxes of all kinds of products such as chewing gum, soap, Turkish delight, tobacco, chocolate, tea, yeast, tobacco for shisha, medicine, perfume, cosmetics, etc. in square, rectangular or round format with high precision and in excellence.

Company : girisimmak

Phone : +90 (212) 879 29 27

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Adress : Basın Ekspres Yolu, Mahmutbey Mah. Taş Ocağı Cad. No:3 Ağaoğlu 212 My Office Kat:16 No:261 Güneşli-İstanbul/Türkiye

City : Istanbul

Country : Turkey

Email : info@girisimmak.com

website : www.girisimmak.com

Capacity: 15-40 packages/min. (changes depending on the product type and dimensions.)

Standard Package Dimensions

Foursquare Packages

Round Packages


25 - 150 mm.


25 - 90 mm.


80 - 300 mm.


80 - 300 mm.


15 – 90 mm.


Custom-made, customer-oriented packaging machinery is designed and produced according to any type of your product dimensions.

  • There is a PLC electronic control system on the machine. Every parameters on the machine including heat, temperature, speed, dimensions of the product to be packaged, etc. might be controlled easily on the machine through 7.4 inch touch screen operator panel. With PLC control system; the desired length of the package is adjusted(1), photocell adjustments are done(2), the speed of the machine is monitored and controlled(3), the temperature of the heaters is montiored and controlled at the desired level(4), the parameters of the each product to be packaged are recorded to save a product recipe and the product to be packaged is chosen easily based on this product recipe(5), the number of the products that has been already packaged is monitored(6), the stoppage of the machine by itself is applicable  after the requested number of the product packaging is completed(7).
  • Operator menu is in English language. Any languages depending on the customer's request might be installed on the machine.
  • All electrical or electronical components on the machine are choosen from high-quality well-known world brands such as Telemechanique, Schneider, LG or Siemens.
  • There is no buttons on the machine except emergency stop buttons. Everthing is already restored in PLC control system on the screen.
  • There is a pulley system with bearings inside that provides the excellent flow of the bobbin and there is a braking system on the pulley where the pressure applied by coil spring to the bobbin is controlled and fixed at a certain level for the proper flow of the bobbin.   
  • There is a 1.000 mm. PVC conveyor band for feeding of the product.
  • Easy opening band and date printing unit (coding machine) can be installed to the machine as an option according to customer's request.
  • All the surfaces in touch with the product are made from stainless steel and all the other surfaces are painted by high quality auto dry which grade is RAL 801 as silver with the same color of stainless steel. 

Technical Details

Control System

PLC Electronic Control System

Operator Panel

7.4 inch touch screen coloured panel

Outer Diameter of Bobbin

300 mm.

Inner Diameter of Bobbin

76 mm.

Width of Bobbin

120 - 350 mm.

Heater Resistances for Sealing

3 x 600 watt

Engine Power

1 unit X 1.1 kw AC Speed Control

Engine Voltage

380 V.

Weight of Machine

900 kg.

Dimensions of Machine

1.100 x 1.860 x 1.000 mm.