FLM 3000

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Products such as cake, chocolate, wafer and soap reduced to single line on the production line are transmitted to the packaging machine with the help of PVC conveyor belt and the packaging of the products is realized. PVC conveyor belt and the packaging machine work in synchronization. In the event that the products from the production line come in multiple or dispersed forms, tailor-made project is made according to customer's demand, product flow is reduced to one line and then the product is transferred to the transporter of the packaging machine via the PVC conveyor belt to be packed.

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Reliable, durable, tight, attractive, excellent packaging: It ensures to make the packaging of different kinds of solid products horizontally and receive excellent and tight packages in the food, chemical, health, furniture, car and other similar industries with the flexibility and sensitiveness that the machine provides even in very high-speed operations.


Capacity: 300 packages/min.

  • Capacity changes depending on the type of the packaging material, the sealing style whether it is hot sealing or cold sealing and the dimensions of the product and the package.
  • It is possible to design a packaging machine with higher capacities according to your production volume.
  • It is possible to develop automated product feeding systems in packaging processes by synchronizing your production line with the packaging machine.

Package Dimensions:  The dimensions given below are the standard packaging dimensions of this machine. For the different dimensions within this interval, the necessary adjustments for packaging might be done on the packaging machine. For the dimensions except this interval, special custom-made packaging machinery is possible to design and produce. 

Standard Machine - Packaged Product Dimensions





2 mm.

60 mm.


10 mm.

150 mm.


25 mm.

350 mm.

For the products with the dimensions except this interval, special custom-made machinery is designed and produced upon the customer's request.

Packaging Material: The machine works with printed and unprinted packaging materials used in hot or cold sealing such as OPP, BOPP, CPP, polypropylene, aluminum foil, aluminium and paper laminations, etc.

Knife Cutting Style: Depending on the customer's request, it is possible to use zigzag or flat knives.

Electronic Panel: The most modern electronical materials are used on the electronic panel. During the choice of the electronical materials to be used on the machine, special requests from the customer side are taken into consideration. All the parameters of the machine are controlled electronically with the help of PLC electronic control system through 5.7 inch mono touch-screen operator panel. With the usage of PLC electronic control system:

  • The desired length of the package is adjusted.
  • Photocell adjustments are done.
  • The speed of the machine is monitored and controlled.
  • The parameters of the each product to be packaged are recorded to save a product recipe on the machine and the product to be packaged is chosen easily based on this product recipe.
  • The number of the products that has been already packaged is monitored.
  • It is possible to define a number of product for packaging and then the machine ensures the stoppage of the machine by itself with the help of PLC system after the requested number of the product packaging is completed.

Bobbin System:

  • There is a pulley system with bearings where the packaging materials is installed and this provides the proper and excellent flowing of the bobbin on the packaging machine.
  • The required length of the pulley is adjusted depending on the required width of bobbin.
  • There is a single bobbin on the standard machine and it is very easy and quick to replace and load the new bobbin.
  • For proper flowing of the bobbin, the braking system is applied on the bobbin.
  • For continuous flowing of the bobbin, it is possible to locate two bobbins on the machine that helps you save time and increase efficiency and this is mainly preferred whenever there is a high level of production volume and there is an application of automated feeding system. 

Bobbin's Dimensions of the Standard Machine

Maximum Bobbin Diameter

350 mm.

Maximum Bobbin Width

450 mm.

Maximum Bobbin Weigth

15 kg.

For special custom-made packaging machines, the values given above would change.


Bottom Pulleys for Sealing: There are three groups of pulley discs. First disc group ensures the pulling of the cellophane. Pulley discs used in pulling the cellophane are made from cadmium. Second disc group is the place on the packaging where the hot temperature is applied for sealing. Quiet and regular rotation is provided with the help of sensitive bearings and specially-designed gears. The third group disc makes the folding and forming of the package.


Sealing Jaws: The specially-chosen knives and the possibility to adjust the level of the pressure by jaws ensure fast and proper sealing.


Conveyor and Transporter:


  • The length of the transporter on the standard machine is 2.5 meters.
  • After the packaging process, there is an exit conveyor band with the lenght of 70 cm. on the standard packaging machine.
  • Depending on the customer's request, it is possible to increase the length of the PVC conveyor band or the transporter of the feeding machine for more comfortable and easier feeding.
  • The locations of the product pushers and the interval between the pushers are variable depending on the dimensions of the product to be packaged.
  • The chain group moving under the conveyor is hidden inside the specially-designed sledge.
  • All parts of the conveyor are produced from chromium stainless steel (CrNi304).

 Technical Information

Energy Consumption

6 kw

Supply Voltage

3 Phase, 380 Volt

Power of the Disc Heater

36 Volt - 2 x 600 Watt

Power of the Jaw Heater

36 Volt - 2 x 600 Watt

Disc and Jaw Temperatures

0 – 200 C Adjustable

Engine Power

2 x 1.1 kw AC Speed Control

Engine Voltage

3 Phase, 220 Volt


  • Ability to work with photocell and without photocell.
  • The speed of the machine is controlled with LS speed control system.
  • The disc and jaw heaters are controlled through 5.7 inch touch-screen operator panel by PID heating control.
  • Quick stop buttons in case of emergency are used both on the command panel and on the transporter of the packaging machine.
  • All the surfaces in connection with the product and the coverings used for the protection of the machine are completely made from stainless steel(CrNi 304).
  • Our machine is, mechanically, under one-year guarantee.
  • All the electronical materials used on the machine are under two-year guarantee by the producer of the electronical materials.
  • The installation of the machine and the operator training are given free of charge.


Optional Equipments:


  • Second Bobbin Pulley Group for continuous flow of the bobbin
  • Coding Machine (Possible to print production date, expiry date, etc.)
  • Gas Injection Unit to ensure the hygiene of the product and extend the product shelf life
  • Spraying Unit for the empty, product-unfilled packages
  • Packaged Product Counter at Output Exit Conveyor Band
  • Equipment for receiving Gusset-Type Packages
  • Hanger Hole Punch Device to hang the products on the shelves